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Legal Ethics and Social Media


Lawyers are adopting social media at an increasing rate, but many lawyers are unaware of the potential ethical pitfalls of participating on social media platforms – even those geared toward professional, as opposed to social interaction (such as LinkedIn). All lawyers should be familiar with the ethical rules in their jurisdiction, including rules as they relate to advertising, solicitation, and ...

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Cloud Computing Ethics Compared: New Hampshire


In February of this year, yet another state issued an opinion on the cloud: New Hampshire.  With Ethics Committee Advisory Opinion #2012-13/4, New Hampshire joined a number of other states in finding nothing inherently wrong with cloud computing.  Their opinion did, however, stress the necessity of lawyers taking steps to comply with the rules of professional conduct when moving sensitive data into ...

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Wisconsin Weighs in on Metadata Ethics


As we wrote earlier this year, metadata — the hidden information in electronic files — is a significant concern for lawyers.  Metadata can contain important and revealing information ranging from the document’s origins to detailed records of changes and comments left during the document’s creation.  If proper care isn’t taken, a lawyer can easily reveal confidential information to opposing counsel and/or ...

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