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Coming Soon: “The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft® Outlook 2013”

Over the years, Ben Schorr’s guides to Microsoft® Office have proven to be some of the most enduring and popular books in LP’s publications catalog. Ben’s latest work, The Lawyer’s Guide to Microsoft® Outlook 2013, will be a trusted companion to any lawyer who has attempted to reign in an overflowing e-mail inbox or to-do list.  Pre-order your copy today before it ...

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Email Shortcuts: Faster and Safer

Chances are good that the bulk of the email you send each week goes to a handful of the same people – your assistant, a partner, your spouse, and so forth.  The time you spend creating each email and addressing it can add up, and each new message becomes an opportunity to inadvertently type in the wrong email address. Email ...

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Them’s The (Email) Rules!

A couple of weeks ago our offices installed a brand-spanking new VoIP phone system.  I’ve been geeking out for the last little while, figuring out all the cool things we can do with the new system that we couldn’t do with the old one.  I love that I can log out of the phone at our desk, drive over to ...

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Quick Tip: Email Folders as Productivity Tools

We tend to look at email folders primarily as organizational tools. Depending on your personal preference or firm policy, you may have folders for each client or matter, for special projects or internal working groups, or you may even have folders arranged to mirror an existing paper file system. But email folders can also serve as incredibly simple and effective ...

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Encrypting Email with Enlocked

In my last post for Law Technology Today, I wrote about BoxCryptor and encrypting documents stored in Dropbox and SkyDrive: Encryption in the Cloud: BoxCryptor.    As you know from that post, I was impressed with BoxCryptor, but I was still searching for an easy way to encrypt emails sent from my Gmail account, which is web-based.   I was therefore excited to ...

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Quick Tip: Simplify Your Scheduling

Scheduling a meeting in the email era can be a nightmare.  The scenario is all too familiar: a meeting organizer suggests a date and time and each attendee responds with a different, typically conflicting, alternative.  That process then repeats itself, often several times, before the group can find a date and time that works for everyone. But what technology complicates, ...

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