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Living in Multiple Tech Worlds: Windows, Mac and Android

The rise of cloud computing has made it easier for lawyers to live in multiple tech worlds, whether it’s Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. This phenomenon is becoming a trend that affects many people and is changing how we think about, talk about, and use technology. On this episode of the Kennedy-Mighell Report, hosts Dennis […]

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Android Devices for Lawyers

This episode of The Digital Edge features guest Jeffrey Taylor, also known as “The Droid Lawyer,” to discuss how lawyers can efficiently use Android phones, tablets and computers in their practice. Jeffrey Taylor is an Oklahoma City Attorney. He has been writing the popular blog “The Droid Lawyer” since 2011, educating lawyers on how to get […]

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iOS apps

Law Firm App Extravaganza

With nearly half of all American adults now using smartphones and a quarter using tablet computers, businesses must develop products catered to the mobile experience.  Smartphones and tablets are being used to browse the Internet, access data remotely, draft/share/collaborate on documents, email, connect socially, and much more. Optimizing your law firm website for mobile use […]

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Kennedy Mighell Podcast

Taking Control of Your Mobile Apps

The Kennedy-Mighell Report, Episode 96 You can find apps today for everything. You will also find that apps will start to accumulate on your smartphone or tablet device at a rapid pace. You might already have dozens or even hundreds of apps, especially free apps, populating screen after screen. It can start to feel a […]

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Android Apps for Legal Research (An Excerpt from “Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers”

Adapted and excepted from Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers by Daniel J. Siegel, coming in February from LPM Publishing. Use your Android phone or tablet to conduct free or low-cost legal research on-the-go. A number of apps have recently emerged that make it easy to perform research and to save your results. Several apps provide […]

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Coming Soon: “Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers”

In February 2013, LPM will proudly publish Android Apps in One Hour for Lawyers. Order your copy today with a 15% pre-publication discount! Lawyers are already using Android devices to make phone calls, check e-mail, and send text messages. After the addition of several key apps, Android smartphones or tablets can also help run a law […]

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A Mobile Security Checklist

Adapted and excerpted from Locked Down: Information Security for Lawyers (2012) by Sharon D. Nelson, David G. Ries, and John W. Simek, now available from LPM Publishing. Smartphones and tablets offer great benefits to attorneys and law firms. They also present great risks. It is critical for attorneys to understand and address these risks, particularly […]

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Five Security Apps for Android

Android-based smartphones have found a loyal following among lawyers. Among smartphone-using respondents to the 2012 Legal Technology Survey Report, more than 18% reported using an Android smartphone.  That number rose to more than 30% among solo practitioners. Android devices can be helpful practice tools, as we discussed a couple weeks ago with our post on Android […]

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This Week in Tech – August 17th

Rounding up some of the interesting technology news, tips and guides for the week of August 17th: Mobile credit card processing provider Square announced a significant new pricing model: a $275/month flat fee rather than the typical per-transaction swipe fee. New reports are circulating about Apple’s plans to change the television industry. An early review […]

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This Week in Tech – August 10th

Rounding up some of the interesting technology news, tips and guides for the week of August 10th: Jim Calloway noted changes to MRPC1.1 which may turn all lawyers into legal technologists. An old Android virus dubbed Zues-in-the-mobile or Zitmo may now be targeting BlackBerry devices as well. How dramatic is the sales gap between the iPad […]

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