Legal Accounting Tips for 2016


As the end of the year approaches, wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have a million bookkeeping & accounting issues to resolve? We can help you fix them. In this “end of the year” webinar, you can learn how to simplify your legal accounting chores — putting many on “autopilot” — so that you can start the new year ...

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Mind the Gap: Securing Data Access in Law Firms


In this webinar, we’ll explore the foreseeable risks that could yield unauthorized access to or unintended release of sensitive data, and the different ways in which those risks can be managed. In addition to addressing particular solutions for various devices, we’ll consider thematic approaches amounting to best practices for data security in a mobile world.   Gain insight on: Securing ...

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7 Vital Trust Accounting Reports


Are all of your trust accounts always “audit ready”? Trust accounting is one of those aspects of running a practice that comes with a zero tolerance for error. The penalties — for both the attorney and the firm — be can severe. In this video, we will dive into the 7 most vital trust accounting reports you should be properly ...

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Time Tracking Tips

stop watch sitting on one side of a scale with coins on the other end.

Do you make a time entry for every billable activity you do every day? Every email? Every phone call? Everything? …Most of us don’t.   Make tracking your time easier, more accurate, and completely mobile in this Industry Insight webinar. Learn how to: Substantially increase time recorded from existing work Ensure that a time entry is done for every billable email you send ...

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Case Management 101: The Right Software For Your Firm


If your old case management system is dying out and it just doesn’t fit your practice or area of law, it might be time for an upgrade. Dive into the intricacies of case management software in this Industry Insight webinar. We’ll break down: Today’s case management systems Benefits for small law firms: Client management Matter management Client portals Document automation Email management Time tracking How ...

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Document Automation for Real Estate Closings


Learn how using dynamic document templates, standardized letters, emails and forms can speed up file preparation, increase profits, and make you look like a rock star to your clients. Gain insight on: How document automation, a.k.a. document assembly or auto-drafting, can fit into your practice. The benefits of automating documents; closing statements, forms, letters, and e-mails. Safeguarding your work from costly errors.   Thank ...

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Challenges of Accepting Credit Card Payments


What could go wrong with faster cash flow? A lot. Learn how to implement the best solutions for credit card payments in this Industry Insight webinar. Gain insight on: Accepting credit cards at your firm vs. cash or checks. Challenges caused by your merchant services provider. Avoiding issues caused by an improper internal setup.   Thank you to our sponsor:

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E-Billing Tips & Trends


Discover the right approach, process, and technology you can use to turn electronic billing into a competitive advantage in our latest Industry Insight webinar “E-Billing for Everyone: Tips & Trends”. We will cover: How to keep up with e-billing volume growth What you can do about e-billing complexity and avoiding revenue loss How e-billing benefits the client Tips & best ...

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What Virtual Law Firms Know That We Don’t


Discover what you can learn from virtual law firms in our latest Industry Insights webinar: “What Law Firms Know That We Don’t” The virtual law firm is an emerging, forward-looking business model for solo lawyers to multi-lawyer, multi-jurisdiction law firms. It works only if you have the right skill sets and ability to otherwise work effectively with clients along with ...

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Capturing Webpages as Evidence


Attorneys looking to capture and admit online content must consider the ephemeral nature of the Internet and the authentication challenges specific to web-based content. Explore the different approaches courts have used to evaluate the admissibility of online evidence.   Gain insight on: Admissibility risks with capturing online evidence Ways to authenticate webpage evidence under the Federal Rules of Evidence Pros ...

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