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Watch: Compliance Pitfalls: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Incomplete information or misunderstandings of the current compliance requirements of HIPAA, Hitech and even PCI Compliant payment processing can negatively affect your firm. In Compliance Pitfalls: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You, Tomas Suros of Abacus will teach you how to meet the challenges that arise in modern environments where remote access, remote workforces, BYOD requests, and electronic client ...

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Watch: 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Legal Trust Accounting

Handling client funds can be one of the most complex parts of running a law practice. The rules and regulations of handling client funds can become very difficult based on the specific type of account, your local jurisdiction, and other factors. As an attorney, you are the one responsible for the proper management of these funds. If you want to ...

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Watch: Better Trust Accounting

Each year, the State Bar of California’ Office of Chief Trial Counsel, the bar’s prosecution unit, receives over 2,000 reports of bounced checks from banks holding law firm trust accounts. Some of these may be innocent error, but the public is also reading high profile articles about trust account abuse. To add to the complexity, some law firms experience the opposite ...

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Watch: Better Billing for Lawyers

billing data

Cash flow is widely considered as the key to running an effective business. Many lawyers prefer to bill a client another $200, rather than call about the past-due $2000 bill with that same client. If your practice currently maintains a significant outstanding amount of receivables, then you are effectively extending credit to your clients! Are your billing practices harming your ...

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Watch: Fighting the Battle of Accepting Credit Cards

From individual clients to business clients, most of the people you do business with will want to pay by credit card. Why? Because they like the convenience of paying online, having a 30-day float, and they’re tired of hearing “cash or check only.” However, we all understand that accepting credit cards as an attorney can be a true battle. In ...

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Watch: Legal Technology Trends, Threats, and Innovations

In this video, you will discover how legal technology has reached a tipping point. Innovations in security, accessibility, communications, automation, and flexible cloud environments are rapidly disrupting known law practice management paradigms. Today’s legal technology trends are moving the entire industry towards rapid adoption of new systems and services that will affect the collaborative tools that you employ, how you interact with clients, protect ...

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Watch: Google Advertising for Lawyers: Get Your Firm Found Online

In this video, we will discuss new trends in Google search and how lawyers should be optimizing their PPC strategies to reach prospective clients. Learn how your prospective clients are searching online, the steps they are taking to reach you or your competitor’s website, and how to be there in the moments that matter. We will also cover specific action items ...

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Watch: Start Stronger, Finish Faster with Secondary Sources

Although they cannot be directly relied upon as legal authority, secondary sources may reflect the prevailing view on how courts interpret primary sources, with some secondary sources so authoritative that courts themselves rely on them in their rulings. Secondary Sources on Westlaw combines expert authors and an unmatched collection of leading and premier analytical materials with a deep tradition of excellence ...

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