E-Billing for Everyone: Tips & Trends


There continues to be tremendous growth in electronic billing done by law firms and it doesn’t show signs of slowing. In 2014, there were millions of e-bills submitted, representing billions in e-billing revenue. Unique client billing guidelines, on top of over 35 legal spend management vendors has made electronic billing incredibly complex and one of the largest expenses and greatest ...

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Capturing Webpages as Evidence


Attorneys looking to capture and admit online content must consider the ephemeral nature of the Internet and the authentication challenges specific to web-based content. Explore the different approaches courts have used to evaluate the admissibility of online evidence.   Gain insight on: Admissibility risks with capturing online evidence Ways to authenticate webpage evidence under the Federal Rules of Evidence Pros ...

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Document Automation for Estate Planning Attorneys


As an Estate Planning attorney, you have the ability to safeguard a client’s legacy. Protecting their assets, distributing their wealth, and preserving their values. You treat every client with care and respect, paying special attention to their needs, every step of the way. Join us on Wednesday, August 12 for Document Automation for Estate Planning Attorneys as we discover how document automation, ...

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