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Why Rebooting Works So Well

Have you already rebooted your computer today? A quick thought experiment: if you had a dollar for every time you’ve had to reboot a computer, how wealthy would you be? Rebooting is a fact of life, especially in the world of Windows (although it’s not only a Windows issue). It’s often not a big issue, […]

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Become a Business Matchmaker by Sharing LinkedIn Profiles

You might be overlooking a simple, powerful feature of LinkedIn that will help you introduce two of your connections who don’t know each other, but should. A friend of mine (to protect his identity and introduce a bit of mystery into this post, let’s call him “A”) called me a few weeks ago to update […]

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A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way in Protecting Your Online Accounts

Hardly a day goes by without hearing about someone getting an online account “hacked.” Understanding how this type of “hacking” occurs in most situations will go a long way toward helping you protect your online accounts. Even though hacking or “cracking” is spoken of in magical or even mystical tones – computer wizards targeting you […]

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Apple Security: Invisible and Practical Approaches

For many years, one of the big reasons that lawyers (and others) switched to Apple computers from Windows computers was security. The Windows world was (and is) one of frequent security updates, viruses and malware, firewall settings and software to manage all of the aspects of security. Security issues and concerns seem to be a […]

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“Unendorsing” People You’ve Already Endorsed on LinkedIn

The new LinkedIn “endorsement” feature has gotten a lot of attention – both positive and negative. The feature gives you a “one-click” way to indicate publicly that someone has certain skills or expertise. In general, endorsements relate to skills that people have affirmatively listed on their LinkedIn Profiles. For example, if you speak publicly, you […]

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Law Schools Teaching Law Practice Technology

On the eLawyering Blog, Richard Granat has posted 13 Top Law Schools Teaching Law Practice Technology, an excellent starting point for learning what law schools are teaching students today about law practice technology. The list is part of an effort the ABA’s eLawyering Task Force is making to identify the law schools offering courses on the […]

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No Sale

Are You Not Buying a New PC Too?

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about large decreases in purchases of new PCs and laptops. Dwight Silverman does a great job of telling the story, giving us the numbers and analyzing the trends in “Why aren’t people buying new PCs? Because they don’t have to.” Silverman’s title neatly sums up the answer to […]

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Backing Up Your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Other Social Media Accounts

I’ve been doing some research in connection with an upcoming technology column I’ve written for the ABA Journal. The topic is backing up your social media accounts and it should appear in a month or two. This topic is an important one for lawyers, and not just so you can learn how you can back […]

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Keeping Your Mobile Devices Charged

Recent storms have left many people without power for extended periods of time and reminded us how much our technology lives, especially our mobile technology lives, depend on having electricity for our mobile devices. Several years ago, our house was without power for six days and I started to feel like an electricity vampire, carrying […]

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“Liking” Your Connections with the New LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn has added a number of new features recently, but the one that seems to be getting the most attention, and is certainly the most noticeable, is the new “endorsement” feature, which was introduced in late September. LinkedIn has always had “recommendations.” Recommendations allow your connections to write a short note about how much they […]

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