About Law Technology Today

Law Technology Today (LTT) was launched in 2012 to provide the legal community with practical guidance for the present and sensible strategies for the future. LTT brings together practicing lawyers, technology professionals, and practice management experts from a wide range of practice settings and backgrounds. LTT is published by the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center.

Editorial Staff

Interim Managing Editor
Joshua Poje

Copy Editor
Lauren DeGroot

ABA Legal Technology Resource Center
Joshua Poje, Director

Rose Frommelt

Advertising Sales & Media Kits
Suzie Smith

Editor Emeritus
Gwynne Monahan

Law Technology Today Editorial Board

Rodney Dowell,Chair
LCL Inc., Boston, MA

Dennis Kennedy, Vice-Chair
DennisKennedy.com, St. Louis, MO

Chad Burton
Burton Law LLC, Dayton, OH

Richard Ferguson
Lynass, Ferguson & Shoctor, Edmonton, AB

Adriana Linares
LawTech Partners, Miami, FL

Sofia Lingos
Lingos Law LLC, Boston, MA

Britt Lorish
Affinity Consulting Group LLC, Roanoke, VA

Erik Mazzone
North Carolina Bar Association, Cary, NC

Tom Mighell
Contoural, Inc, Dallas, TX

Michael Neuren
Administrative Office of the Courts of Georgia, Atlanta, GA

Dan Pinnington
Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company, Toronto, ON

Allison Shields
Legal Ease Consulting, Inc., New York, NY

Paul Unger, Chair
Affinity Consulting Group LLC, Columbus, OH

ABA Legal Technology Resource Center
The ABA Legal Technology Resource Center is dedicated to helping legal professionals leverage technology to overcome obstacles, identify opportunities, and improve their practices.The LTRC is an ABA member benefit provided by the ABA Law Practice Division.

ABA Law Practice Division (LP)
Focusing on the core areas of marketing, management, technology and finance, the ABA Law Practice Division (LP) provides the tools needed for the business of practicing law. LP enables legal professionals to better serve clients, attain career goals, and achieve a balance between their personal and professional lives.