Law Technology Today is the official legal technology blog from the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC). Law Technology Today provides lawyers and other legal professionals with current, practical and innovative content developed by some of the leading voices on legal technology.


ABA Legal Technology Resource Center

The ABA’s Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) is an ABA member benefit provided by the ABA Law Practice Division (LP). The LTRC has assisted ABA members with practical technology services and guidance for more than twenty years. The LTRC staff research, write, and educate lawyers about the latest technology trends, obstacles, and opportunities.  The LTRC is dedicated to helping ABA members leverage technology to make their practices and organizations more successful.


ABA Law Practice Division (LP)

Since 1974, the ABA Law Practice Division (LP) has provided practicing lawyers and legal professionals with essential information to build their legal practices and help them in the business of practicing law.  LP offers innovative and practical information in the core areas of marketing, management, technology and finance, and enables legal professionals to better serve clients, attain career goals, and achieve a balance between their personal and professional lives.

Increased knowledge about each of these four basic elements helps legal professionals support and build the success they seek.  Through creative marketing campaigns, effective practice management, utilizing the latest technology and managing finances, LP provides the tools necessary for sustaining the life of your practice.