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Time Tracking Tips for a Better Bottom Line

Do you make a time entry for every billable activity you do every day? Every email? Every phone call? Everything?

…Most of us don’t.

We know billable time – and the revenue it represents – slips away every day. And we really don’t like tracking our time – but we need to if we want to be paid.

Learn how to make tracking your time easier, more accurate, and completely mobile with:

Time Tracking Tips
For a Better Bottom Line

Wednesday, October 14th
2:00pm – 2:30pm ET


Learn how to:

  • Substantially increase time recorded from existing work
  • Ensure that a time entry is done for every billable email you send or receive
  • Track your time on mobile devices
  • Make time entries easier and faster

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Please note, this is a non-CLE webinar.

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  • Hi everyone! For time management we use CrocoTime software in our company.

    The key advantage of CrocoTime ( over other time trackers is a much higher statistical accuracy.

    High accuracy is achieved by storing a computer usage statistics for each working day (or any working period). Each employee not only can enter the information of his tasks, but is able to see what programs and websites he used every moment of the day. All this information is collected automatically based on windows’ titles and names of documents.

    It is very convenient and greatly improves the accuracy of time tracking. If you forgot to track you are able to see which documents, programs, and websites you visited today or at any other time. It will be easy to remember when and what you were doing, and properly assess your workload!