After A Decade of Legal Blogs, or “Blawging”

In August 2005, Dennis and Tom took part in a discussion called “Between Lawyers Roundtable: The Future of Legal Blogging” on the ABA Law Practice Today website. This marked the burst of energy for legal blogging, or blawging, in 2005. Ten years later, lawyers have decided to examine the landscape of law blogs. Bob Ambrogi and Paul Horwitz at PrawfsBlawg started a discussion about how law blogging has changed since 2005. As Dennis and Tom have seen and been part of the law blogging scene from the beginning, they could not resist jumping into the conversation.

In this episode of The Kennedy-Mighell Report, Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell discuss recent commentary on the last decade of blawging, the current state of blawging, and the future of online interaction and marketing for lawyers. They discuss whether legal blogs are still popular, how the online landscape has changed for legal professionals, and what might be replacing the personal law blog. Tom notes that due to podcasts, social media, and general writing exhaustion, individual lawyers are updating less often or have stopped all together. Dennis talks about how there are more law firm and group blogs that are SEO optimized and targeted for marketing. They both agree that blawging is not dead, but has changed remarkably in the past ten years.

In the second section of the podcast, Dennis and Tom discuss Jeena Cho’s Above the Law article, “ABA TECHSHOW: A White Man Affair” and a similar comment by the Lawyerist’s Sam Glover. With 65% of the speakers at ABA TECHSHOW white and male (and many middle aged), the hosts have decided that this is the right time to talk about diversifying the legal technology field. As always, stay tuned for Parting Shots, that one tip, website, or observation you can use the second the podcast ends.

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