Women You Need To Know: In Law and Technology

Recently, someone asked me for a list of women who write and speak about legal technology. Then, it happened again. This got me thinking: why not highlight some of the outstanding women in this genre? (Note: I must give credit to my colleague, Jared Correia, who suggested the original idea for a post based on a list I had drafted for another colleague.)

Below, I’ve put together my “Women You Should Follow” list, which includes a number of women who write and speak about law and technology, as well as some amazing women that produce excellent content related to just the legal industry. Let me begin with the caveat: this list is not meant to be exclusive by any means, rather a sampling of some of the women that I think you should look out for. Please add your own favorites (including yourself) to this list in the comments. I don’t purport to know everyone in this space, and since my work focuses on law practice management for solo and small firms, my selections are consistent with such.

Drum roll please…

Let’s begin with Law Technology Today’s managing editor, Gwynne Monahan (@econwriter5). Gwynne not only manages and edits this blog, but also the LTRC website and resources generally. Her mantra: “Write Well. Edit Better.” You can find Gwynne writing and sharing just about everything, but with a focus on law, technology, and social media.
Under Gwynne’s lead, a number of other women in technology have joined LTRC as contributors. Here are a few of those contributors (you can find the full list, here):

Wow, that list covers many on my “follow” list. But, I’ve got a few more women to top it off.

What’s exciting is that this list grows every day as more and more women make waves in the legal technology industry. Hopefully, based on the forgoing, I’ve added a few to your own lists. Keep your eyes peeled for more women in this space, and, of course, please send them along to me so that I might add them to my ever-growing list!

About Heidi Alexander

Heidi Alexander
Heidi S. Alexander, Esq. (@heidialexander) is a Law Practice Management Advisor at the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program (MassLOMAP), where she advises lawyers on practice management matters and provides guidance in implementing new law office technologies. She frequently makes presentations to the legal community and contributes to publications on law practice management and technology. Follow her on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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  • Heidi,

    This is a great starter list of some of the most important thinkers and commenters on legal technology. It definitely includes some of my most important resources and the people I learn the most from and challenge my own thinking the most. I hope that you continue to update this list and others suggest additions in the comments. Whenever I hear people say that they can’t find women for legal tech presentations, I’m going to send them directly to this list. Thanks for posting this.


  • David Crosson

    How can you forget Kelly Phillips Erb?!?!? Taxgirl!!

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