• cybersecurity

    How Cybersecurity Risk Affects the Bottom Line

    Law firms and attorneys know that the likelihood of a cyber-attack is high and acknowledge that the industry is under siege from cybercriminals. ...

  • security

    TECHREPORT Series: Security

    The "Security" report sheds light on technology risks, security programs and policies, and types of encryption that lawyers should be all be using. ...

  • invoice

    Top Six Reasons to Move to Online Invoicing in 2018

    If you’re still printing out invoices, stuffing them into envelopes, affixing stamps and addresses, then sending them in the mail, you’re doing business the same way law firms did 100 years ago. ...

  • agile

    Agile for Attorneys, Part I

    Lawyers in-house and at firms can use the agile technique not only for new systems but as an approach to project and case management. ...

  • Clients

    Do You Need More Clients… or Better Clients?

    Take some time and think this through. Figure out what you want your practice to look like. Is it quantity and a high volume of clients? Or is it quality and a more focused practice? ...

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